The Grand Concert Hall of CCM

In 2005, the Grand Concert Hall of CCM engineering was established as 'the important construction project in Beijing'. It took three years and was completed in September 2008 basically. The completion ceremony of the Grand Concert Hall of CCM was held at 16:30 on 5th July 2009. On October 1st, the piano department held a piano festival to trial operation of the Grand Concert Hall. The Grand Concert Hall of CCM has a total investment of CNY126 million, gross building area of 139 thousand square meters, and an elliptical structure.
After meticulously acoustic effect tests, experts have express that all project indexes of the grand concert hall meet the design requirements. The acoustic effect and professional facilities are currently at the top level in Beijing.
The Grand Concert Hall is a professional and modern multi-functional music performance venue integrating practice of arts education and music cross-cultural communication with the world. As a window of Chinese national music cultural exchanges and an important bridge of artistic communication with other countries, the Grand Concert Hall of CCM is another important cultural facility in the Beijing Olympic Cultural Circle, which is closely with Beijing's urban cultural construction after the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube.
Concert hall:970 of fixed seats, 27 of portable seats.
Opera house:302 of fixed seats, 20 of portable seats.
Rehearsal hall:could hold a large orchestra of 100 people.
Dressing room:
4 rooms for the concert hall(2 for the VIP,2 for public)
4 rooms for the opera house(2 for the VIP,2 for public)
Upright piano:
4 upright pianos for the concert hall
2 upright pianos for the opera house
Grand Piano:
Steinway D274: 3
Steinway C227: 1
Steinway G215: 1

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