Orchestra Academia China

Orchestra Academia China (OAC) is a core project launched by the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Chinese National School of Music (BAIC-CNSM). Backed by the tremendous resources of the world's top 30 music institutions of Global Music Education League (GMEL), the Orchestra takes recruiting and training excellent musicians of GMEL member institutions and from around the world as its fundamental development objective and direction. Meanwhile, as an important vehicle for creation and performance of Chinese music, the Orchestra is gathering eminent conductors and thus providing a strong guarantee of building a world-class orchestra that inherits and innovates Chinese music culture as well as integrates and spreads world music culture.
Orchestra Academia China is led by Professor Wang Liguang, the famous composer and President of China Conservatory of Music as Artistic Director, Professor Shao En, the world-famous conductor as Principal Conductor, and Professor Hou Junxia, Dean of Orchestra Academy of BAIC-CNSM as Head of the Orchestra.
Marching toward the future, Orchestra Academia China is making great contribution to the inheritance and development of music cultures around the world with a brand-new image and superb artistic standards.

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