Leonardo Colafelice

Leonardo Colafelice graduated from the renowned Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory of Music in his native Bari, Italy, in 2018. He has taught piano performance at the Fausto Torrefranca Conservatory of Music since 2015, and at the age of twenty-three, is the youngest conservatory teacher in Italy. He has earned first-place awards at various international piano competitions, including the Yamaha USASU International Piano Competition, the Hilton Head Competition, and the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Young Artists.
Mr. Colafelice is regularly invited to play in Rome, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Bologna, Bari, Venice, and other major Italian cities, as well as abroad in the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Morocco, Turkey, Norway, Chile, and Georgia. He has performed with numerous prestigious orchestras, including the Cleveland Orchestra, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, among others.

Age: 23
Country: Italy
Professional Training:
    2005 - 2018   Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory of Music
    2005 - 2018   Pasquale Iannone
Competitions and Awards:
    2016   Cleveland International Piano Competition, Second Prize, Audience Prize, Junior Jury Prize, Best Performer of a Russian Composer
    2014   Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition, Finalist Prize, Best Performer of a Classical Concerto, Best Performer of a Chopin Piece, Advanced Studies Grant for the Most Outstanding Pianist Up to 22 Years of Age
    2012   Gina Bachauer International Young Artists Piano Competition, First Prize

Text Piece

PRELIMINARY RECITAL                                                              
Beethoven                    Sonata No. 26 in E-flat major, Op. 81a, “Les Adieux”
Mendelssohn                Variations Sérieuses, Op. 54
Tchaikovsky-Pletnev     Concert Suite from The Nutcracker, Op. 71a

SEMIFINAL ROUND                                                                                                       
Prokofiev                      Visions fugitives, Op. 22
Chopin                          Scherzo No. 4 in E major, Op. 54                       
Rachmaninoff               Variations on a Theme by Corelli, Op. 42
Stravinsky                     Trois mouvements de Petrouchka

FINAL ROUND                                                                    
Phase I
Beethoven                    Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major, Op. 15                
Phase II
Prokofiev                      Piano Concerto No. 3 in C major, Op. 26